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So what's this all about? Well, in my humble opinion, no world tour is complete with out your very own International Flying Stunt Chicken of Mystery!

My work photo at DEFRA! I have to let you in on a secret about my work photo that was shown when people looked me up on the online Work Corporate Directory at DEFRA in the U.K. for the past 3.5 years (shown here on the left). I was in fact not alone in the photo! Yes, I must admit that it was in fact a shot of me and Frank! Who is Frank? Well he is a mate's rubber chicken who has himself done a number of international tours. For our purpose here we shall can consider him to be the Father of my very own rubber chook, Frankie!

Frankie has been my constant traveling companion since Christmas 2004 (Thanks Sandra!). He has a habit of showing up in all sorts of places! On this web page you will be able to see just where he has been.

See if you can spot Frankie fly throughout South America and beyond! Some time you may spot him easy, others not! Enjoy!


Can you spot Frankie on Easter Island?

Spot Frankie on Sugar Loaf Mtn in Rio.

Spot Frankie at Christ the Redeemer in Rio

Frankie made it to the Amazon jungle too!

Frankie goes for a swim on Mt Roraima!

Frankie after a big night on the Booze!!

Look out Frankie!! How could you Susanne!

Frankie visits the beach at Mochima!

Frankie at Angel Falls!

Frankie at the Venezuela - Brazil border!

Frankie trying to get to Suriname!

Frankie in Paramaribo!
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Can Frankie get away from the Ile du Diable????

Frankie reaches for the stars in French Guiana!!!

Frankie tests the TV waves in Brasilia!

Frankie flys on the Brazil side of Iguacu falls!

Frankie checks out the House of Reps in Asuncion!

My goodness, hes hung like a Frankie!

Frankie flys in front of Mt Aconcagua at 6962m!

Frankie and I go midnight Sandboarding!

Frankie goes midnight sandboarding!

Frankie joins the flamingos of Laguna Colorada!
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Frankie tries to escape Fish Is & the Salt flats!

Frankie still trying to escape the Salt flats!

Frankie meets the kids of the Islas Flotantes

Frankie on the Islas Flotantes

Frankie and friends!
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Poor Frankie gets the chop at the Panama Canal!

Frankie flys at the Panama Canal

Anna and Frankie get ready for drinks at Bocas

Frankie meets Simon in Albany, New York

Frankie smells somehting fishie!

Frankie flys on a Lake Louise Sun Rise

Frankie meets Mel and Jody

Frankie flys over Black Tusk!

Frankie sits guard on my balcony

Frankie Flys Over the Oktoberfest Grounds!

Frankie Flys Out my My Office Window in Munich

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