... ... ... *** NEWS FLASH *** ... ... ... ... IT'S A GIRL! ... ... ... ... ... ... ...      IGS 25th Reunion Photo's can be found here! ... ... ...      ... ...

Cop Ya Later Europe!

movie 302
23rd October 2007

Goodbye Europe!

The Dutch Beach in Zandvoort, Netherlands

movie 301
14th October 2007

Check out the view from my mate Susie and Stefan's place in Zandvoort, Netherlands. A good memory to take with you when departing a Continent!

Goodbye to the old girl!

movie 300
13th October 2007

After 3 months or so together, I finally said goodbye to my car... Thanks old girl! I'll miss ya! :-(

Jenny goes Paragliding in Chamonix

movie 299
9th October 2007

Check out the "smooth" landing my mate Jenny made while Paragliding in Chamonix.
Smile - You never know who's watching!

On the beach at Cannes

movie 298
7th October 2007

Cant say I thought much of the beach in Cannes or for that matter, much of any of the beaches that make up the French Riviera on the Côte d'Azur

RWC Australia Vs England in Marseille

movie 297
6th October 2007

Nuf Said!

Millau Viaduct

movie 296
4th October 2007

The Millau Viaduct is a large cable-stayed road-bridge that spans the valley of the River Tarn near Millau in southern France. It is the tallest vehicular bridge in the world. One mast's summit at 343m is slightly taller than the Eiffel Tower!


movie 295
3rd October 2007

Oradour-sur-Glane is a small village in France. It was destroyed on 10 June 1944, when 642 men, women and children were murdered by a German Waffen-SS company. More Info Ici...

Bordeaux Wine Making

movie 294
2nd October 2007

Soon after the Australia Vs Canada RWC game, I hit the road with my mate Jenny and we checked out Wine Making Bordeaux style!

RWC Australia Vs Canada in Bordeaux

movie 293
29th September 2007

My footage from the 2007 Rugby World Cup Australia Vs Canada game. Sadly my old Axe Men (Canada) team mate Jamie Cudmore was out injured - I was going for Canada!
Smile - You never know whos watching!

Condom - Its in France!

movie 292
28th September 2007

Whats in a Name after all?


movie 291
27th September 2007

I was very luck when I hit Andorra, as it was International day of the tourist or something. Everything (Museums, government buildings etc) were all open for free! I took full advantage and did a full tour of this tiny nation.

Oktoberfest 2007

movie 290
22nd September 2007

Oktoberfest 2007.... Nuf said!

Burger King - DOH!

movie 288
19th September 2007

Having returned from Ibiza, I had to drive 500km or so to Barcelona. That night I was craving Burger King! I drove for 150km in vain then slept in the Car. The next morning about 1km up the road, what did I come across?!?!!?!?!?


movie 289
19th September 2007

Check out Barcelona with its Gaudi buildings and Cathedral here...

Yo from Ibiza

movie 287
17th September 2007

Soon after The Rock of Gibraltar, I had another holiday from the road and met up with my mate Kirsten in Ibiza for a few days R&R.

The Rock of Gibraltar

movie 286
15th September 2007

I've not been on the original "Rock" since I was 3 or 4, but I'm glad I came back! After a months on the road, a shot of a place where English is the number one Lingo was good! Check out "The Rock" here.

Lisbon (Portuguese Lisboa)

movie 285
13th September 2007

Check out the capital of Portugal!

Where Am I again...

movie 284
12th September 2007

While driving from Porto to Lisbon, I got lost. Yet again I came across lots of Aussie Trees! We must be taking the World over?
Smile - You never know who's watching!

Porto (also Oporto) Portugal

movie 283
11th September 2007

I have to say my favorite place in Spain and Portugal has to be Porto! Why? Do you really have to ask!


movie 281
10th September 2007

I stopped in Madrid for the day. I'm glad I made it there and got my Spanish flag, but dont feel the need to head back in a hurry. Tick!

Welcome to Portugal

movie 282
10th September 2007

See me enter Portugal for the first time ever... Yea!

Welcome to Spain

movie 280
9th September 2007

See me enter Spain for the first time ever. Yea!

RWC 2008 - Australia Vs Japan

movie 279
8th September 2007

Thanks to my mate Like, I made it to the Wallabies first 2007 Rugby World Cup game in Lyon, France. We won. By a lot! Here is my angle on the game...

Zermatt, Switzerland and the Matterhorn

movie 278
7th September 2007

I last visited the Matterhorn when I was 3 or 4 years old. I cant say I remember much, but I'm glad I visited it once again... Check it out here!

Paragliding in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

movie 277
3rd September 2007

I dont think many people know (till right about now that is), but I dont really like heights. That said, I decided to go Paragliding in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc! Its AWESOME!!!!!


movie 276
2nd September 2007

I decided to visit an old stomping ground and relax before the Rugby World Cup. Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is a must if ever you hit Europe in the Summer or Winter!

The Mont Blanc Tunnel

movie 275
29th August 2007

The Mont Blanc Tunnel at 11611m long is not the longest tunnel in Europe, but all the rest don't go under the tallest mountain in Western Europe!

San Marino

movie 270
28th August 2007

I spent the evening and early morning in the principality of San Marino. Its small, surounded by Italy and lovely...

The Leaning Town of Pisa

movie 271
28th August 2007

On my way from San Marino to Monaco, I realise it was only a 20km detour to get to The Leaning Town of Pisa. Tick!

Ferrari`s everywhere

movie 272
28th August 2007

When your driving in this part of the world, you tend to spot a Ferrari or in this case three! My game was to get into the fast lane and when they evenitable sit on my arse, clean my windscreen. Its amazing how quick they back off!


movie 273
28th August 2007

So on to Monaco it was! This video will give you a bit of an idea of what you can see, but more importantly check out my Formula VW Golf doing a lap of the F1 grand prix circuit!

Italian Toll Booths

movie 274
28th August 2007

If ever you drive in Italy or France, be prepared to fork out a lot of Euros for the motorway tolls! I was so annoyed I took a video of my last toll I had to pay in Italy! (The girl probably speaks NO English!)

The lovely sights of sLOVEnija

movie 268
27th August 2007

The sights of Slovenija are as good if not better than anything you will find in Europe! But the best part of this country is its people! Thanks heaps to my mate Bogdan, his family and all his friends who showed me around. Check out this movie for a quick

Back to the West

movie 269
27th August 2007

See me cross the Slovenia - Italy border. Back to the old West!

Celje Castle, Slovenia

movie 267
25th August 2007

Slovenija is just fantastic. I got a full tour from my local mates of Celje Castle. Check it out here!

Bosnia and Herzegovina

movie 264
24th August 2007

Footage from Sarajevo.

Croatian Coast

movie 265
24th August 2007

I only drove the Croatian Coast for about 2 hours then went inland. I figured it was somthing I can save for next time. Here is what I did see...

The Croatia - Solveina Border

movie 266
24th August 2007

I got to the Croatia - Solveina Border at about 5pm on a Friday. It was rather busy!

Albania in a day

movie 262
23rd August 2007

I think I have found the place in Europe with the worst roads and drivers! Albania! That said, the sountry side is tops!

Montenegro in a day

movie 263
23rd August 2007

I only had two things I wanted to do in Montenegro. One get my national flag souvenir and to visit the wonderful The Monastery of Ostrog.


movie 259
22nd August 2007

Check out Sofia/София - in Bulgaria and also the road making dude I game money to as I drove...

Skopje, Macedonia

movie 260
22nd August 2007

I only stopped in City of Skopje/Grad Skopje/Град Скопје for an hour or so to pick up my flag and have a quick wander. Its off the beaten tourise trace, but interesting thats for sure.

Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

movie 261
22nd August 2007

Lake Ohrid in the South-East of Macedonia is lovely with the exception of McCrud having made it there!


movie 257
21st August 2007

I more or less drove across Croatia in a day. Many people rave about it, so I have saved it for the most part for another daye. Check out what I did see here - the center of Zagreb.

Belgrade , Serbia

movie 258
21st August 2007

Check out Belgrade in Serbia by night...

Ljubljana, Slovenija

movie 256
20th August 2007

Chekc out the view from atop the capital of Slovenija, Ljubljana

Party time in the hills of Slovenija

movie 255
19th August 2007

Check out the view from my mate Bogdans place

movie 254
18th August 2007

Check out the view from my mate Bogdans place! Its always fantastic to visit a place where you know a local!

Bratislava in a Nut Shell

movie 252
17th August 2007

I made a quick stop in Bratislava to pick up my Slovak flag...

A very quick stop in Budapest

movie 253
17th August 2007

Hungraian F1 GP

movie 251
5th August 2007

On my way to Munich, I decided to stop in Budapest to check out the Hungraian Formula 1 GP

Getting across Romiania

movie 250
4th August 2007

Having hit 3 garages in Eastern Europe trying to get my cars Fule Pump fixed, I decided to cut my losses and drive across Romaina and Hungry to get to Germany and get the thing fixed. Here are some of the sights from that trip...

Moldova in a Nut Shell

movie 249
3rd August 2007

I broke down for a second time soon after crossing into Moldova. Check out my thoughts here...

Odessa and the Black Sea

movie 247
2nd August 2007

Check out the view from Odessa out over the Black Sea. This was the most Easterly point of my Euro Trip.

The Break Down Part 1

movie 248
2nd August 2007

My car broke down (for the first time) on the Moldovan/Ukrainian border. Check out some of the action here!

Welcome to the Ukraine

movie 245
1st August 2007

See me share my comments a few minutes after arriving in the Ukarine. Specfically about having to bribe the cops for speeding at 1am. DOH!
Smile - You never know who's watching!

Kiev in a Nut Shell

movie 246
1st August 2007

Snaps and Video Compilation from Kiev.

Belarus in a Nut Shell

movie 244
31st July 2007

I only got to spend a day in Belaru and here are some clips including the house that Lee Harvey Oswald lived in while in the care of the USSR!

Latvia in a Nut Shell

movie 243
28th July 2007

A few clips from Latvia.

Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Poland

movie 241
26th July 2007

Auschwitz Concentration Camp - Nuf said...

Warsaw, Poland

movie 242
26th July 2007

Welcome to the capital of Poland!

Colditz Castle Germany

movie 240
25th July 2007

Check out Colditz Castle in Eastern Germany. It was used as a World War II Officer Prisoner of war camp. I managed to escape!

Here we go!

movie 239
24th July 2007

The start of my 3 months of driving in in Europe in my VW Golf...

The Globe Theatre in London

movie 238
18th July 2007

Check out the view from the cheap seats in Shakespeare's Globe theater in central London.

The Peace Palace The Hague

movie 236
1st July 2007

The Aussie Embassy The Hague

movie 237
1st July 2007

My Ride to work

movie 234
29th June 2007

The Dutch Coast Line

movie 232
16th June 2007

Kite Surfing 101

movie 233
16th June 2007

The Lake view of Zurich

movie 231
15th June 2007

Messer Chups in Action...

movie 187
27th May 2007

Messer Chups are a Russian Duo who live in Berlin. They perform "surf" music while playing lots of funky movie clips. Top stuff!

Ships and Cars

movie 204
9th May 2007

The View from the Office

movie 203
8th May 2007

In Amsterdam Bos - a big park

movie 202
7th May 2007

Resigning 101

movie 235
7th May 2007

Keukenhof Gardens

movie 228
5th May 2007

Keukenhof Gardens and its Windmill

movie 229
5th May 2007

More Keukenhof Gardens...

movie 230
5th May 2007

More action from the Queens Day long weekend...

movie 194
30th April 2007

More action from the Queens Day long weekend...

movie 195
30th April 2007

More action from the Queens Day long weekend...

movie 196
30th April 2007

How do I get on this boat!

movie 197
30th April 2007

Me and the Dutch Flag dude!

movie 198
30th April 2007

Lots of people out on Queensday!!!

movie 199
30th April 2007

Guy peeing in Canal off a boat! DOH!

movie 200
30th April 2007

That was Queens Day!

movie 201
30th April 2007

The girls doing the Amsterdam bike thing!

movie 189
29th April 2007

Amsterdam Drag Queens Olympic Games Intro

movie 190
29th April 2007

The Flame enters the

movie 191
29th April 2007

Drag Queen games medal ceremony

movie 192
29th April 2007

The Hand Bag toss!

movie 193
29th April 2007

Check out the Afsluitdijk - its 40km long!!!

movie 227
19th April 2007

Live music in Tokyo

movie 226
15th April 2007

A Japanese Wedding in Tokyo

movie 225
14th April 2007

The Canberra Skyline

movie 220
10th April 2007

Inside the House of Representatives

movie 221
10th April 2007

Inside the Senate

movie 222
10th April 2007

The view from Parliament House , Canberra

movie 223
10th April 2007

The Sydney Skyline

movie 219
9th April 2007

A New South Wales Sunset from the Train

movie 224
9th April 2007

Bar Beach in Newscaltle (Oz)

movie 216
8th April 2007

Little sis gets dumped into the surf!

movie 217
8th April 2007

Look out for the Blue Bottle jelly fish!

movie 218
8th April 2007

Me and my bro at a Knights game in Newcastle

movie 186
7th April 2007

Newcastle Rugby League Stadium

movie 215
7th April 2007

The view from Fannie Bay in Darwin

movie 213
5th April 2007

A Northern Territory Sunset

movie 214
5th April 2007

See through Dunnies in Brisbane!

movie 212
1st April 2007

Brisbane Broncos Vs Melbourne

movie 211
30th March 2007

9 Tarbet Street - My old home...

movie 210
28th March 2007

St Lucia Golf Links with Scott and Phil

movie 209
27th March 2007

The Aussie Coast near Noosa

movie 208
25th March 2007

Noosa Beach - Australia

movie 207
24th March 2007

Paragliding past my balcony in Noosa

movie 206
23rd March 2007

An Irishman in a Pom Thong!

movie 188
4th March 2007

The View from Box Hill just south of London

movie 205
3rd March 2007

The London Skyline from the Asset Control Office

movie 185
1st March 2007

Russian New Year - dancing on the floor

movie 166
13th January 2007

Happy New Year Russian style! Its held a couple of weeks after the rest of normaly have it, but its just as fun!

Even more Amsterdam New Year`s Fireworks

movie 165
1st January 2007

Happy New Year!

Fireworks in Amsterdam for New Years 2007

movie 164
31st December 2006

Happy New Year!

View the Alps from Kempten in Southern Germany

movie 163
30th December 2006

The Alps look FAB, but where is the snow?

movie 161
29th December 2006

Main square of Kempten in Southern Germany

movie 162
29th December 2006

Aussie Performer in Austria

movie 158
28th December 2006

The night club/bar performer in our local in St Anton was an Aussie!

Fun in the snow!

movie 159
28th December 2006

Sliding on your bum 101...

movie 160
28th December 2006

The Rocks of Austria

movie 155
27th December 2006

Check out the view on the 27th of December in St Anton in the Austrian Alps! The main slope you see should be white!!!

On Top of the Alps

movie 156
27th December 2006

The top of the mountain/Alps in St Anton

Sliding down the Mountain

movie 157
27th December 2006

See Kir streak by!

Inside The Old Amsterdam Office

movie 181
14th December 2006

Inside The NEW Amsterdam Office

movie 182
14th December 2006

Merry Christmas from the Asset Control Guys

movie 183
14th December 2006

Dublin Pub before the Australia Vs Ireland match

movie 178
19th November 2006

See this Irish Pub lass sing!

movie 179
19th November 2006

Rugby from Lansdown Road in Dublin

movie 180
19th November 2006

Three babes on a bike.

movie 154
5th November 2006

Ever wondered what three beautiful Finnish babes on a single bike looks like? Wonder no longer....

Museum night in Amsterdam

movie 152
4th November 2006

Once a year, all of the Museums of Amsterdam open from 7pm till 2am. You can get a beer and wander through. Its a fantastic Idea that gets lots of people into the Museums that perhaps may not normaly do so.

Museum Night Amsterdam

movie 177
4th November 2006

Dam Square, Amsterdam

movie 151
21st October 2006

At the center of Amsterdam is Dam Square. Is where the Amstel River was first damed - hence Dam Square and the name Amsterdam...

See the leaders of the Amsterdam Marathon Run By.

movie 176
15th October 2006

Biking with John, Annemarie and Zarah

movie 174
7th October 2006

Start of the World Airline Race 10km 2006

movie 172
23rd September 2006

Finish of the World Airline Race 10km 2006

movie 173
23rd September 2006

The Start of the Dam to Dam loop 2006

movie 170
17th September 2006

The Dam to Dam loop is a 16km FUN run?!?!? It took me about 90min and is top fun for all!

Crossing the line in the Dam to Dam loop 2006

movie 171
17th September 2006

The Canals of Amsterdam

movie 169
9th September 2006

Gay pride day on the Canals of Amsterdam

movie 168
12th August 2006

Drew's Walkabout: Chapter 1 - Opening Credits

movie 147
4th August 2006

I'm currently in the process of creating Drew's Walkabout the movie. Here is a quick preview of the first four chapters...

Drew's Walkabout: Chapter 2 - Easter Island

movie 146
3rd August 2006

Drew's Walkabout: Chapter 3 - Rio de Janerio

movie 145
2nd August 2006

Drew's Walkabout: Chapter 4 - The Amazon

movie 144
1st August 2006

Groningen by night on a bike..

movie 167
20th July 2006

Hi from the long lost rellies!

movie 121
9th July 2006

After a 32 year gap, I got to catch up with a bunch of my English cousins! Thanks for a fab BBQ gang! See you again soon!!!

Slince in London 12 months on from the bombings.

movie 122
7th July 2006

I was in London on the 12 month anniversary of the bombings. There was a 2min silence observed across the city.

Amsterdams multi-level bike park!

movie 123
7th July 2006

Check out the size of the main bike park next to Amsterdams central train station.

The front of new place in Amsterdam

movie 124
3rd July 2006

Check out the front of my new place in Amsterdam!

Vondelpark in Amsterdam

movie 125
1st July 2006

Check out one of Amsterdams main parks on a sunny summers day...

It was my fault!!!!!

movie 126
26th June 2006

Do you believe in jinxing someone or some thing? I now do… The Soccerroos lost because of me! Check out this video to find out why…

Kaiserslautern - Getting ready for Oz Vs Italy

movie 127
26th June 2006

Check out some of the atmosphere in Kaiserslautern before the Australia Vs Italy World Cup game.

The Dutch Love ORANGE!

movie 128
23rd June 2006

Check out just how Orange the Dutch are when the Soccer is on!

Coco's the Aussie Pub in Amsterdam

movie 129
22nd June 2006

Chekc out was it was like to be in the Aussie Pub in Amsterdam for the end of the Australia Vs Croatia World cup game.

The Munich Underground

movie 130
18th June 2006

Check out what the Munich Underground was like in the build up for Australia Vs Brazil! FAB!

The moment Australia WON!!!

movie 131
12th June 2006

Check out the moment Australia defeated Japan for our first ever (nnd only!) World Cup victory! Pay special attention to my mate Stef and his hand shake!

3-1 to Australia!! We were just a tad excited!

movie 132
12th June 2006

Check out the moment Australia got its 3rd goal against Japan at the World cup. We Aussies went Ape!!!!!

The victory begins!

movie 133
12th June 2006

Action just after the Australian victory over Japan at the World Cup of Soccer.

Advance Australia never sounded better?

movie 134
12th June 2006

More video from just after the Aussie victory over Japan in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

1-1 at the Aussie Vs Japan game

movie 135
12th June 2006

We were happy campers when we got the scores level.

Advance Australia before the Oz Vs Japan game.

movie 136
12th June 2006

Pre-Game Kaiserslautern - Oz Vs Japan

movie 137
12th June 2006

Pre game stuff - Australia Vs Japan at the World Cup.

Welcome to Holland from Mike and Tips place,

movie 138
6th June 2006

Piccadilly Square, London

movie 139
4th June 2006

Check out piccadilly square on a lovely sunny day.

G'Day from a sunny London.

movie 140
3rd June 2006

Bear action in Whister!

movie 141
7th May 2006

It must be spring! After being in and out of Canada for 10 years or more, this was the first time I ever came across a Bear! Woner if it needs a pass for the lift?

Brockton oval in Vancouver

movie 142
4th May 2006

Check out the cricket oval that The Don said is the most Picturesque in the world!

On top of the Stawamus Chief in B.C. Canada.

movie 143
3rd May 2006

After 11 years I finaly got up this bloody big rock! The view was worth it!

The Top of Whistler on a sunny day!


19th March 2006

Check out the view from Whistler Mtn on a crystal clear day. WOW!

The Valley and Blackcomb from Whistler Mtn


19th March 2006

The Squamish Valley


19th March 2006

Lisa in Action on Cypress Mountain


12th March 2006

See the lovely Lisa in action on Cypress Mtn. It was a top sunny day on the snow for sure!!!

On top of Vancouver on a sunny day!


11th March 2006

Sunset on Cypress Mountain, Vancouver B.C.


11th March 2006

Shannon Falls just near Squamish


10th March 2006

Check out the great Canadian Penny Table!


9th March 2006

Ever pounded a penny/cent into a table? Check this out...

Lisa and Albert on the Dance Floor.


9th March 2006

Lisa and Albert thought I was just taking a photo! Spoiler : Bad lingo used...

Blackcomb Mtn


28th February 2006

Check out the view on Blackcomb mountain in Whistler where I did my first ever snowboard run back in 1996! Beginner slope are for whimps!

Olympic Station on Whistler Mtn


28th February 2006

Check out the view of where I once worked on Whistler Mtn. Not a bad view as far as working goes if you ask me!

The Ski out on Whistler Mtn


28th February 2006

Ski out with me on Whistler Mtn...

The Disappearing Dog!


26th February 2006

Getting by in a snowy Squamish...


26th February 2006

The view from the Lake Louise Ski Area.


15th February 2006

Standing on Lake Louise


14th February 2006

Canada Olympic 90m Ski Tower View in Calagry


13th February 2006

Public Luge time in Calgary


13th February 2006

The East German Flag still flys!


13th February 2006

Walking on ice in Winnipeg, Canada


4th February 2006

Check out the view on the frozen river of ice in the center of Winnipeg Canada. It was about negative 15 degC! Brrrr...

Sliding in Winnipeg


1st February 2006

Slip sliding away in Winnipeg!

G'Day from Chicago!


30th January 2006

I made a quick stop in Chicago to see an old mate. It was kool to be back exactly 10 years since I was last there! At least this time it was not negative 30 degrees!!!!!

Me Cross Country Skiing in Canada!


22nd January 2006

See just how dorkey I look on Cross Country Ski's!

Snow/Ice Tubing in Canada.


22nd January 2006

Ever wondered what its like to slide down a hill of ice and snow in a tube? Check this out...

Inside an Ice Fishing Hut on a frozen lake


21st January 2006

Check out the view from inside an Ice Fishing Hut on top of a frozen lake in Ontario, Canada.

G'Day from Ryan in Peterborough


20th January 2006

A smart Bank job?


7th January 2006

Just around the corner from Killers place is a local bank. Its also right across from the main police station! A bandit tried to rob it and wondered why some many police arrived so quickly!
Smile - You never know w</p>

<div id=

Live Cricket from Australia in the USA!!!!!


6th January 2006

My old Aussie mate Killer who now lives in the USA, gave me a nice treat in the form of LIVE cricket coverage from Australia via the Internet! KOOL! Thanks a bunch dude! Wish you could have seen it mate!
Smile - Y</p>

<div id=

Killington Ski Resort - Vermont


2nd January 2006

New Years started off well with me hitting the snow in Vermont.

Killington Ski Resort, Vermont


2nd January 2006

I tested the theory of snowboarding with my camera. Its works!
Smile - You never know who's watching!

Clay Pigeon Shooting on New Years Eve.


31st December 2005

See what kind of shot my mate Killer is when it comes to Clay Pigeon shooting!

The Appalachian Trail in Massachusetts


25th December 2005

On Christmas day, Killer, Thess and I hit the Appalachian Trail in Massachusetts to get some fresh air.

Goodbye Central America!


15th December 2005

A final Central American Sun Set.

Street dancing in Mexico City


15th December 2005

The Pyramids of Teotihuacan


14th December 2005

Check out the view of the biggest Pyramid outside the Middle East.

G'Day from the smallest Capital in the World!


12th December 2005

Check out the center of Belmopan, the smallest capital in the world!

G'Day from me and Bogdan!


11th December 2005

Sun Set at Tikal in Guatemala.


11th December 2005

Merry Christmas from Tikal!


11th December 2005


Me on an Active Volcano!


1st December 2005

Check out the view 4m from Lava on an active volcano!

Lake Nicaragua and Ometepe Is.


23rd November 2005

Check out the view of the biggest fresh water island in the world.

Swimming in the crater of a Volcano


22nd November 2005

Sinking on lake Nicaragua?


21st November 2005

I'm still not sure what was keeping the boat above the water?!?!?

The longest Zip Line/Sky Fox! 770m Long!!!!


19th November 2005

This Sky Fox/Zip Line is the longest we did. Its 770m long and WOW what a ride!

Sky Trek Zip Lines - The top one!


19th November 2005

Check out a lovely young English girl be thrown of a tower!
Smile - You never know who's watching!

Goodbye Arenal and the Lava...


18th November 2005

Now this is a noisy dorm room!


11th November 2005

This should give you a good idea on how noisy dorm room living is ont he road! fun fun fun in the sun!
Smile - You never know who's watching!

The Panama City Sky Line.


6th November 2005

Santo Domingo


4th November 2005

Check out the view from Santo Domingo the capital of the Dominican Republic.

Ever been on a bucking boat?


29th October 2005

Dr Pepper time in Squamish


29th October 2005

See the lovely Lisa have her first ever Dr Pepper Squamish style!!
Smile - You never know who's watching!

Goodbye South America


21st October 2005

Plaza de Bolivar in Bogota


20th October 2005

Ecuador - Colombia border crossing time!


19th October 2005

Time to Enter Colombia! Yikes?

Mass Blue Footed Boobie Diving


17th October 2005

See the Boobies of the Galapagos dive for fish on mass!

Magnificent Frigate birds of the galapagos


17th October 2005

The Islands have just a few bird nests!!!!


17th October 2005

Baby Feeding time on the Galapagos!


17th October 2005

Check out feeding time for this little one! The Video is longer, but I had to reduce it because it was massive...

Final view of the Galapagos


17th October 2005

See a feral goat of the Galapagos get Frankie!


16th October 2005

Bartholome Island in the Galapagos


16th October 2005

The must get photo on the Islands...

Check out the Giant Tortoise of the Galapagos!


15th October 2005

Water in a sink on the Equator


13th October 2005

Check out how water flows from a sink on the Equator. Stright down!

Water in a sink 1m South of the Equator


13th October 2005

See how water drains from a sink 1 meter south of the Equator! Clock Wise!

Water in a sink 1m North of the Equator


13th October 2005

See how water drains from teh sink when we moved it to 1 mete north of the Equator. Anti-Clock wise!

You can Balance an egg on the Equator!


13th October 2005

See prrof that you can balance an egg on the equator!

Lima by night


10th October 2005

Lima on a Sunday


9th October 2005

Rooms by the hour... DOH!


9th October 2005

My arrival in Lima was very early in the morning so I hit the place the guide bood showed as just around the corner. It was no longer a hostle, but a rent by the hour place! :-)

Nascas Lines - Trapazoids


7th October 2005

Nasca Lines - Humming Bird


7th October 2005

Nasca Lines - The Hands and Tree


7th October 2005

Surprising Friends on Machu Picchu


5th October 2005

Welcome to Machu Picchu


5th October 2005

Rubber Chicken Men of Machu Picchu


5th October 2005

An Inca Bridge


5th October 2005

Check out the Inca bridge out the back of Machu Picchu...

Welcome to the floating islands form Lake Titicaca


28th September 2005

I tested my local language skills on arrival on the floating reed islands of Lake Titicaca.

Bouncing on Lake Titicaca.


28th September 2005

We tested out the bounce factor of the floating islands of Lake Titicaca. Its very solf!
Smile - You never know who's watching!

Giving way on the Death Road!


25th September 2005

The dirth section of the road is VERY narrow and as you will see you have to give way big time! Check it out!

Cusco from Christo Blanco


3rd October 2005

Check out the view from the top of Cusco...

Gringo Alley in Cusco


1st October 2005

You can try to walk down Gringo Alley in Cusco and avoid the touts, but you have next to no chance! Here is the proof...

Welcome to Cusco


29th September 2005

Welcome the Cusco Peru.

The Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca


28th September 2005

Check out the 360 view of the Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca.

My first views of Lake Titicaca.


27th September 2005

Check out the first views of Lake Titicaca from teh town of Copacabana in Bolivia. The lake sits at 3500m elevation form memory and its very easy to get out of breath as I discovered...

Getting ready to hit the Death Road.


25th September 2005

The Death Road is a 64km mountain bike ride that decends some 3000m just outside La Paz in Bolivia.

The start of the dirt section of the Death Road!


25th September 2005

The first 25km of the Death Road is paved, then its 40km or so of dirt! Here we go!!!

More Death Road action...


25th September 2005

I should not use the term "Dead Drop" or other wise when doing the Death Road. In fact I should not ride and film!

Welcome to La Paz


23rd September 2005

Welcome to the world highest capital city!

Why is the spedo on my sideof the car?


23rd September 2005

Upon arrival in the Bolivian city of Oruro we got a taxi and the spedo etc was on my side of the car while the steering wheel was on the other?!?!?

Welcome to La Paz


23rd September 2005

Welcome to the world highest capital city!

The Salar de Uyuni from Fish Island


22nd September 2005

The Salar de Uyuni or the Salt Flats of Uyuni in southern Bolivia are massive. We drove to one of the Islands in the middle of it...

Check out the Hotel made of Salt blocks!


22nd September 2005

Laguna Colorada in Bolivia


21st September 2005

The lake is at about 4000m and is full of birds and lamas!

Welcome to Bolivia


20th September 2005

Boiling mud in the mountainsof Bolivia!


20th September 2005

Check out the gysers and boiling mud of Bolivia!

The hiss of the gysers in Bolivia was amazing.


20th September 2005

Checking out the Atacama near San Pedro.


19th September 2005

While waiting for the border to open into Bolivia, we got a few mountain bikes and hit the hills!

Dancing Chile style.


18th September 2005

It was Chile independance day while I was in San Pedro and all the locals were still dancing at 4am!

Santiago and its smog!


16th September 2005

From the jet out of Santiago it was rather obvious just how bad the smog of Santiago was and why I was having trouble breathing!

Dont wash car windows! Juggle Knives!


15th September 2005

In Santiago I spotted a guy juggling knives at the traffic light rather than washing car windows. I gave him some dosh!Smile - You never know who's watching!

Once in Chile the road gets a tad bendy!


14th September 2005

Smile - You never know who's watching!

The Argentina - Chile border crossing.


14th September 2005

It took a long time to get here even with a mad bus driver and even longer to get through custome. But the sun was out!Smile - You never know who's watching!

I met a dance company on the bus to Santiago!


14th September 2005

It was a fun trip to Chile from Medoza. On the bus was a dance company who wanted to practice english on the Aussie!

Point de Inka


12th September 2005

Point de Inka is as far sout as the Inkas went in South America. Its also the location od some nice hot springs, but you can use them any more.

El Rapido was not so rapid! My 3rd bus breakdown!


8th September 2005

On the way to Mendoza from Uruguay good old El Rapido broke a fan belt. It only added an hour to the trip though. It was my 3rd bus on the trip to have problems.

G´Day from the main Square in Montevideo


7th September 2005

The Brit and Argentine Flags together in B.A.


6th September 2005

While in Buenos Aries, I spotted this just near the main square. Good to see them flying together!

Street Tango at the Local markets!


4th September 2005

In Buenos Aries you will have no trouble finding street Tango!

Welcome to Buenos Aries


2nd September 2005

Paraguay - Argentina Border crossing


1st September 2005

The crossing into Paraguay from Argintina was simple, goign the other way was a pain!

Check out Iguacu Falls from the Brizillian side.


28th August 2005

Having visited Angel Falls, I had to see Iguacu falls to compare. Both are fantastic!

Iguacu Falls from the Is St Martins


29th August 2005

You can visit the Island of St Martins in between Brazil and Argentina

Ariane Launch Control Site in French Guiana


18th August 2005

The town|city of Kourou in French Guiana is the Launch site of the French and European space agency. Click here to check out the launch control center.

Sleeping Accom on the Islands of Salvation


17th August 2005

when visiting the Island of salvation in French Guiana, you can sleep on the islands in a prison cell. Click here to see what it looks like!

Salvation Islands - Papillon


16th August 2005

The Salvation Islands are islands off the coast of French Guiana where the French had a penal settlement. Click here to check it out!

Welcome to French Guiana


15th August 2005

Little did I know that my welcome to French Guiana was on a bloody French public holiday! That said, it was all good! I love the place!

What happens next? Getting stuck take two.


11th August 2005

As I said, the Road from Lethem to Georgetown in Guyana is rough. The first effort of getting stuck was good, but the next section, one km up the road had something new! Check it out!

Getting stuck take one!


11th August 2005

The Road from Lethem to Georgetown in Guyana is rough. It took 3 hrs to go 2km! Why... click here to find out!

Welcome To Guyana


10th August 2005

Australia Vs Brazil Soccer!


8th August 2005

Klayber had a game of playstation soccer Australia Vs Brazil! Guess who won! :-)

Street Dancing in Manaus.


7th August 2005

Street Dancing in Manaus.

Volley Ball Brazil Style! No Hands!


7th August 2005

Take off from Canaima


4th August 2005

Check out the view from my plane as I took of from Canaima. The piolet banked left next to a hill and took us past the waterfalls! FABO!!!!

Angel Falls!


3rd August 2005

What else can i say but... Angel Falls...

The top of a Tepuis on the way to Angel Falls


2nd August 2005

There is no way to get to Angel Falls except by light plane. On the flight there, I go to see the top of one of the many table top mtns...

Angel Falls base camp.


2nd August 2005

The Accom at the base cape for Angel falls is basice but it does the job!

A break at the Beach.


28th July 2005

After doing Mt Roraima, I decide to head to the beach. The weather was just horrid!

The Ride Down! Ouch!


27th July 2005

The ride down off Mt Roraima was a bit rough! Chekc it out!

On top of Roraima


26th July 2005

Check the view out from the top of Mt Roraima in Venezuela!

Heading up Roraima Mtn


24th July 2005

While in Venezuela I headed up Mt Roraima. It took 6 days all up but was worth it. Check this video out to see my first view on the way up.

Tarzan of the Amazon?


14th July 2005

Is that Tarzan of the Amazon or some fat Aussie?

Piranha Fishing 101


13th July 2005

While in the amazon I managed a spot of Piranha fishing and managed to real in four of the suckers!

Soccer Brazil Style!


10th July 2005

I challenge ANY country to have the same QUALITY pre-game entertainment in any sport as they do in Brazil

Sunset at Christ the Redeemer


9th July 2005

Me reporting from the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio at sunset.

Biking around Easter Island


2nd July 2005

Steve and I had the bright idea that we would ride around Easter Island. It took about 8 hours all up´but was worth it!

Welcome to Easter Island!


30th June 2005

G´Day from Rano Kau in South West of Easter Island.

G'Day and Welcome!


24th June 2005

G'Day and welcome to Drew's Walkabout!