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Argentina - Mendoza


Over 24 hrs from Montevideo, but I made it here!

I kicked things off with a winery tour!

Time for some shots! Kool Winery tour!

The correct size for a good drink I say!

The only way to drink wine!

Nice Winery!

Does not feel or look much like a Winery for mine!
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Not as big as the others, but good enough for me!

Wine any one?

You get to walk in side an old VAT!

Tasting time girls!

IŽd like to go for a dip in the Choc Vat! YUMO!!!

Lots and Lots of Choc! YUM!!!!!!

They only had small Easter Eggs!

Wine from the hand of god?

BBQ time at the Campo Base Hostel

I felt a touch old when the karaoke started!
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We did a big group cook up. Good stuff guys!

Rachel - Do it girl!
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Rachel - Come to Germany!
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