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Dear Diary:

6th October 2005  -  1,000,000 Liters a second - Iguacu Falls

Next to Machu Picchu in Peru, Iguacu/Iguazu Falls is possibly one of the most visited tourist sights in South America The gals at the falls.and with good reason! The falls are shared by Argentina and Brazil and I made my approach from Brasilia and Rio by bus.

On the bus I teamed up with Inken and Sonja from Germany. We arrive mid morning in the Brazilian city of Foz do Iguacu and headed straight to the Brazilian side of the falls. we checked out bags at the main building and headed out to see what can be seen.

My first view The Brazilian side you can get a good overview of all of the falls. It took about 2 or 3 hrs to walk the path and get the first set of a ton or photos. Click here (8.3MB) for the view from the Brazilian side of the falls.

Having had a good introduction, we all headed across the border to spend the night at a hostel in the Argentine city of Puerto making customs about 2min before closing! Not to much A NOT so strong locker! to say about either city next tot he falls except to say don't stay at the hostel me stayed at near the bus terminal called Corre Camino as the security of your stuff is not the best. On arrival the girl in our room told us about money and a phone being taken the day before and just take a look at the sturdy construction of my locker! Oh, on return form the falls on day two, they had not bothered to tell us that the locker had been moved out of the room! DOH!

Any way, on day two, I headed off to the Argentine side of Kool! falls. WOW sums it up! There is just SO much water cascading over the edge! You have about a 10min walk over the river to get to the head of the falls. Just remember to stay on the new path as the old one has seen better days as you can see!

One of the highlights of the Argentine side is getting a boat to the Island of St Martins in the middle of the falls where you can get a unique view. It s fun to see the boats of tourists get soaked! Ok, I was a wimp and did not do the soaking too! fun to watch though.

Water water water All up I think I took about 500 photos in the two days at the falls, so picking the ones for the site was very hard, but I hope you enjoy them. Next stop, Buenos Aries!

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