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Dear Diary:

6th October 2005  -  Asuncion - Its getting cold.

Having travelled to Venezuela and the Guaianas, I had a silly notion while in Igucau Falls, and that was to see if I could visit as many countries as possible in South America! As Paraguay was all of 20min bus ride from Puerto Iguazu, I decide to get go to Ciudad del Este and then get a bus to the capital in an effort to capture another flag and go some where, where most backpackers don't venture.

FAB Service! Only one bus died on the way to Asuncion, so it was a quick trip of 6 or 7 hours in the end. At least the pain of the bus was lessened by lovely girls getting on board to sell bread! If only it was done this way at home I reckon!

The house of reps and I Asuncion was the first place that I felt the cold of winter. I had just spent the past months in places where 15 Degrees Celsius is a very cold low for an evening and all of a sudden it was that as a max. Unfortunately my stay here was affected by an annoying guy on a Brazilian bus. I had the flu.... Oh well, my room was safe, warm and had cable TV so I could recover and prove to myself that the outside world still existed.

Where Paraguay signed its Independance I did the walking tour of the city and its true that you see very few other Gringos. I stopped in on the spot where Paraguay declared Independence and if you pay the guy there $US1 you too can stand of the spot!

Any way, as I started to recover form my flu, it was time for the next stop having successfully found my flag.

Buenos Aries...

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