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Dear Diary:

6th October 2005  -  Buneos Aries and Montevideo

After the awesome power of Iguzau Falls, I headed to Buenos Aries to check out some tango and a possible Spanish language course and perhaps most of all, enjoy some bloody good steaks!

BA has a massive Main Avenue!Buenos Aries is a very very big place! Just have a look at how big Av 9 de Julio is! Bigger than anything I remember from living in New York City! Have a look at my Welcome to Buenos Aries video for a better view on just how big the avenue is.

Beer O Clock!There is much to do in in the city. If your into clubs, you will find no shortage here and being on the backpacker trail, youŽll have no trouble finding someone to go with you to party! I enjoyed hitting the town for the first time in weeks!

The Caminito Area Boca Stade!When not out at 2am, and the sun is up, there is also lots and lots to see and do. A few of us hit the Boca Stadium area where they Tango in the streets and the whole ares is really funky, if a bit expense and touristy.

The local market offer up more tango and lots and lots of other goodies. When ever I hit a market, it annoying as I just don't have the room to purchase much as IŽm always saving space in my backpack for my nation flag (I have 7 in the pack at the Tango time!moment and believe me full size fags take up a lot of space!). Any way, click here (11.63MB) to check out a local band and some kool tango in the markets - Its FAB to see dancing on the street!

Tango time!The names of some attractions may seam familiar to some like Luna Park! I don't know if the graffiti or laundry on one of the main monuments constitutes an attraction, but its something different. Still there are always the pidgins! Its a cook place to visit!

Back side by side at last!Perhaps one of the nicest things I spotted while in town was the fact that the Argentine and British fags flying together just near the main square. The time they are a changing for the better in some places any way.

In the end I decided not to do a language course, so most people I talked to said you need to do 2 weeks or more to archive something better than that that I already have - numbers, foods etc... So I decided to head out of town to Montevideo while my live could still function!

Montevideo here I come!A PhotoSo what of Montevideo then? Well its a nice relaxing 3hr boat ride form Buenos Aries. Its $UDS50 one way or so, but hey, its better than the cheap 8hr bus ride! I only spent 3 days in town, but it was relaxing. Its a pity IŽll be in Central America in November as that's wen Australia looks like it will again play Uruguay in a World Soccer Cup play off. Then again being an Aussie at the game may be a bad idea given just how mad they are about it in this part of the world.

The Graf Spee was Skuttled off Montevideo Any way, wander the streets and to quote Bill ad Ted, there Lots of Royal Ugle Dudes!are lots of "Royal Ugly Dudes" to be seen. Perhaps one most interesting reminders of days longs since past was just a spray painted rock referring to the German Pocket Battle ship the Graf Spee that was scuttled of Montevideo in 1939 at the start of 1939

Thanks for your help!Oh and as usual, I got some fantastic help in finding my national flag! This lovely lady from the tourist office, departed her desk and spent 30min walking around Montevideo till we found my flag! Thanks a bunch young lady! (I have her name written down some where! DOH!) THANKS!

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