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Dear Diary:

6th October 2005  -  La Paz and the DEATH ROAD!

Having de-salted myself from the salt Flats, I headed north to the town of Oruro then onto La Paz form Uyuni. Something is a miss!Keep a good eye on your stuff at all times!A quick note on Oruro, our short stay there started well and in good humor with a taxi that was not quite right - Click here to find out why. Unfortunately at the bus station my friends had their small bags stolen off the bus just before departure. They are fine now and made it home safley though. Let me know what photos you would full copies of like guys!

La Paz at last! A Drug dummy in the Coca museum Any way, I made it to La Paz, the world highest capital! Boy its had to walk around with you backpack on at that height! I stayed here for a few days to chill and check out museum's such as the Coca one and to do the Death Road!

So... The Death Road? What is it then? Well its a 64km bike A Kool group. ride down a hill where you drop over 3000m of elevation just Still on the paved sectionoutside La Paz! As usual I had a FAB group- It was our guide, three Norwegians, the backup 4WD and one very slow Aussie!

The first 25km or so is on a normal paved road, but then the dirt kicks in, so do the cliffs! When riding the main dirt part, all traffic has to keep left despite Bolivia driving on The dirt sectionA reminder to stay safe! the right! I originally though iŽd have a problem keeping right as instinct takes me left, Give way or its bad news!so I was ok in the end.

The other guys were all 10 years younger than me, so sorry about being a touch behind all day guys. Check out the Death Road video to see how narrow it gets here! It took about 4.5 hrs to complete the ride including drinks and lunch stops (The second stop was at a grave site, so yet another reminder to take it easy!). There were lots of other groups out on the day and if ever you get the chance, its one of the best $US50 that I have spent so far! Lets face it, I got a free T-Shirt!

The MUST GET Photo!

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