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Dear Diary:

6th October 2005  -  Pollo Hombre of Lake Titicaca

From La Paz I headed to Lake Titicaca, one of the worlds highest lakes! One of the first things on the lake is the boat Lake TiticacaCrossing the lake!  Yikes!crossing. I was very glad to be out of the bus as it did not look all together stable and the temperature of the water is rather cold!

I quickly hit the Bolivian town of Copacabana on my way to the Peru side of the lake. I had about an hour between buses, so Me and CopacabanaI ran up the hill and got some snap shots. I think it took an hour to get my breath back as the lake is at some 3820m elevation!

Having got my snap shots on Copacabana, I crossed into Peru Welcome to the floating islands!and headed to to town of Puno on the edge of Titicaca to check out the floating reed islands of the lake. See the video of the locals saying hi back to me in the local lingo here or click here for a video/birds eye view of the islands or for something realy silly, see me and a friend bouncing on the islands!.

The Islands are fantastic! I tried out my local lingo upon Kool Boats!arrival and just to walk on an Island that is man made and floating on water is a strange feeling, but perhaps the highlight was me bringing out my rubber chicken!

The photo will be sent soon girls!Yep, the local kids LOVE Frankie! Even the local lady who runs the post office wanted a photo taken with him and asked me to post it to her! Kool!

Any way, Lake Titicaca is kool, but time for Cuzco!

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