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Dear Diary:

10th November 2005  -  The Nasca Lines from the air!

AAAAAArrrrrr.... the joy of sitting in a light aircraft that's being thrown through the air just a few thousand feet above the ground! Ok, I did not think it was that bad, but others surly do!

The space dudeThe Nasca Lines are massive drawings using upturned rocks in the desert of Peru. They were all created well before the Write Brothers took to the air and yet the only way to take them The Monkeyin is via the air! Why were they put there is a question that no definitive answer will be given I suspect, but you know what, I don't care as they are kool!

The flight is only about 30min long and you get to see about The Humming Bird13 of the lines. T first your not sure what to look for and then the Whale pops out at you! From then its easy to spot the Monkey, Humming Bird, Condor, Tree, Hand, Astronaut and many others.

I managed to get a video of the Humming bird to try to let The Tree and the Handsyou get an idea what whats its all about, but I suspect you will need to go there to fully understand. As for Nasca its self, I took the advise of many other travelers and got off the bus, did the flight and then got the evening bus out of town. Plenty of time to see it all not a prob. Enjoy em if ever you see em... I did!

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