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Dear Diary:

10th November 2005  -  Lima to Quito

By the time I reached Lima I was moving very quickly. Its not a very nice city to be honest and I was happy to head out of town, but there are a number of good sights to see.

The front of the San Fran MonasteryPerhaps in the must category if ever you make it there and have a day to sight see is the San Francisco Monastery in the centre of town. Its old and all that, but its also got its very own catacombs. Not quite on the scale as the ones I visited in Paras some years ago, but big enough when you consider what your looking at.

From Lima it was onto Equator and time to cross the Gota toast the Equator every time!Equator. Now I do have a rule that I should toast the crossing of the Equator with a stiff Scotch when ever I cross it, but if you visiting the Inittan Museum on the Equator its self it can just get silly!

The obvious test they love to do on the Equator is the old running of water down a sink on the Equator, 1m south of the Equator and 1m North of the equator.

There is lots of other stuff to do at the Museum like try a Got Ya!dart gun the locals once used or perhaps view a very real shrunken head! Doh! All that said and done, pay good attention to your guide book or to the friendly staff where you book your Galapagos Islands tour and don't go to the museum with the big monument at looks like its the one and only... Its NOT ON THE EQUATOR! Its actually about 250meters out and the Intinan Museum around the corner in in fact on the Equator.

Any way... Next stop The Galapagos!

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