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Dear Diary:

10th November 2005  -  The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos... WOW! Perhaps thats all I should need to say about such a unique place.

I arrived on the Island of San Cristobal and me were met at Jorge and just a few little guys!the airport by our guide for the next 5 day, JORGE. (Horhay) We then got the bus down town (3min drive) and got the dinghy out to the boat.

IŽll say right now that the guide books and other travelers are all correct in saying that the best way to see the Islands is by doing a boat cruse. I only did a 5 day trip, but the standard one is 8 days long. See the wild life by boat for sure!About 3 You have to watch where you step everywhere!days after I departed the Islands I discovered that a volcano had erupted on the islands and had I done a 8 day trip, I would have been there for it. DOH! I guess you win some and you loose some...

Any way, rather than go on and on, the best was to share my experience is to have a click through the Galapagos photos on the site or you can check out the video of Blue Footed Boobies Diving,All the gang! the must see view on the islands, some Giant Tortoise of the Galapagos or Feeding Timea MUST SEE!

To all of that gang I met on the boat, I hope all is going well and I hope to see you soon.

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