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Dear Diary:

10th November 2005  -  Colombia - Just because!

My final stop in South America was Bogota. It was a very very long and slow trip by bus from Quito and I hope Karen my Welcome to ColumbiaEnglish mate who I met on the bus has recovered. I was only on the thing for about 30 hours or so, but he We made it mate!  Karen did 6 days on the bus!had come all the way from Chile and that's about 6 days of your life on a bus! DOH!

I decided to visit Columbia while I was in Argentina a few months ago for no other reason that I could. I was only in the country for 5 days all up or so including the night on the The main squarebus, but hey, I can say Ive been there. Then again, I have discovered that US customs official have lots of questions for guys who have visited Columbia for just a few days!

I did the full wander of down town and I thought it no more dangerous than Lima or Quito. Every single backpacked I met prior to my entry or while in Bogota all agreed its a wonderful place to visit and you should not be put off by what the TV dishes out back at home.

In summing up my South American trip I have to say in 4 A full pan of Bogotamonths I have seen lots, but have missed out ten times as much. I take my hat off to all of those travelers who I have met that have been at it for a year or more. Rest assured, there is much I hope to return to see having got a very nice flavor for what the Continent has to offer.

Any way, I hope you have enjoyed my photos and videos of South America. There will be lots more from Central America Cheers South Americavery soon!

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