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Dear Diary:

30th December 2005  -  Costa Rica - Lava, Hot Springs and Team Zip!

Cost Rica, you rock! Having survived the drinks of Panama, I headed with the gang to San Jose for a few days to get another flag with the usual standard t fantastic help I always seam to More help with getting my falgbump into. Thanks for the help getting it guys.

Perhaps my best memory of San Jose will be that of myself, Al and the security guard at the backpackers at 5:30am on that wonderful day when Australia final made it into the Soccer World Cup! I was told my shouts for joy did walk most of the place up, but given the security guard was there cheering with me, the odds were good I'd not get chucked out.

Smile - You never know who's watching!

From San Jose I headed to La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano in the Just like magic, there is was!north in the hope to seeing Lava for the first time in my life. Most people heading in this Lava and then some!direction are told that yes its the most active volcano in Central America, but the likely hood that it will be shrouded in cloud and mist is very high. The day I arrived was exactly that as was the day I departed. As luck would have it, and I don't want to jinks myself here, the sun was out yet again! While we were cooking some food on day one, I looked up and the volcano had poked its head out!

The day I spent sight seeing in Fortuna was fantastic. Not only did I get to see chunks of lava the size of cars tumbling Beer time in the hot springs!down the side of a mountain, I also again met a FAB bunch of guys and gals on the tour and at the hot springs! If you do make it to Fortuna, stay at Gringos Petes and do the tour that takes you to the Volcano and then onto the Hot SpringsA final view of Arenal. Very nice!

From Volcano Arenal I headed to Monteverde/Santa Elena. As fate would have it, most of the gang I met in Fortuna were heading in the same direction too, so it was just a portable party! Click here for a video on the boat ride to Monteverde/Santa Elena.

Team Zip!The big thing to do while in this part of the world is to fly above the rain Forest! There are a number of companies that do the trek, but as there were five of us we managed to cut a Utahdeal with the biggest one. The deal included doing the full set of Sky Trek Zip Lines, the Sky Walk and the Reptile Park.

NOTE to the boys, I'm currently trying to get some disk space to host all of the videos I took. I'll email ya when its All the gang one last time... up and ready.

Any way, Costa Rica was an unexpected gem as I never planned on spending any time here. If your doing Central America, give it at least a week at the absolute minimum!

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