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Dear Diary:

30th December 2005  -  Nicaragua - Volcanos and old towns

Just as I never intended in spending much time in Costa Rica, I thought the same of Nicaragua was back when. But just as with Venezuela, I found myself spending some lovely days Ometepe Islandthere.

I crossed the border on a Sunday with Liam my fellow Team Zip member and together we headed to the worlds largest fresh water Islands, Ometepe. I first herd of the Island while in Sun set on the IslandEaster Island from Steve and her was spot on! Its fantastic!

We stayed at Magdalena on the island where many a wana be hippy can be found roaming free. While there I managed to climb The climbing gangmy first volcano. We hiked for about 3.5hrs up the Maderas Volcano and got to swim in the crater. Just a well it been extinct for a long long time! Click here to check out the video of the crater.

Granada From the Island we headed to the old colonial city of Granada to chill for a few days. Its on the banks of lake Nicaragua and next to yet another Volcano.

Having ducked into Managua to get my flag, Liam and I headed to Leon to compare colonial cities. Yet again its another town that's survived the turmoil of the wars of this part of the Baseball in Leon!world and is fantastic to chill out in given its proximity to the beach and the number of night clubs to Liam hated Leon! dance in. Then again you can always head to the base ball as we did.

When all said and done, I'd love to head back there and spend a good few months seeing it all!

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