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Dear Diary:

30th December 2005  -  Guatemala - Lake Atitlan, Tikal and all that...

I think that Guatemala is one of those places where you need to spend a good months at the absolute minimum to see everything, let alone get to know the locals. I would suggest Guatemala City Center at this point that you meet locals outside of Guatemala City as I think its been in the top three of the most dangerous capitals of the Antigua world for some time now.

Having survived Guate, I headed to yet another lovely colonial town in the form of Antigua. Its one of the main places in this part of the world where backpackers come to study Spanish. Given I only had about 2 weeks in the Spanish speaking world to go, I decided to head out and sigh see rather than use my poor little old brain.

For mine, the best tour to go on is up to the summit of the Guatamala City in the Distanceactive Pacaya Volcano! It takes Getting close to the Lava!about 1.5-2hrs to get to the top and the view is fantastic. Click here to see the video I took of the view as well as just how close you can get to the Lava! Despite the wind being quite strong and cold, you can get into a position where the Lava and wind meet and your as sung as a bug in a rug!

Next stop was yet again an unexpected gem in the form of San Pedro La Laguna to The view in San Pedro is FAB meet up with my old mates Al and Anna from Panama/Costa Rica. Thanks for getting me there guys. I had a fantastic time and hope you and all the gang enjoy the New Year Big Time! Click here to see Bogdan at drinking time in San Pedro. I ended up spending a good week in San Perdo and was nice an relaxed and ready for the next and penultimate stop...

Bogdan and I on the roadTogether with my mate Bogdan, we headed to Tikal to check out some of the worlds best Maya ruins. As we were both on tight schedules, we only had one day to see the ruins and after speaking to some Canadians who had just got of the buss from there City, it was not promising Tikal - Yes its that shot from Star Wars!as they said it was very very wet!

But.... I guess the luck of the Irish was shining again as Tikalthe sun showed its head for the first time in a couple of weeks and out day in the ruins was fantastic! We got our very own guide and wandered around about 90 percent of the site or so. For Tikalthose Star Wars fans, yep, you can get "That Shot" from the movie! If you click here to check out my belated Christmas Message from Tikal and you will get to see the Star Wars shot I mean.

Its a MUST SEE! Then again, most things are?Smile - You never know who's watching!

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