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Dear Diary:

30th December 2005  -  Panama - A top start!

The airport for Panama City is way out of the city and a taxi will cost you $25 to down town. I guess most people opt for the taxi, but the hint for the day from the guide boos is Help is always at hand.  Tanks a bunch!to walk out of the airport and get the local bus is spot on as the grand total for the bus is 25 cents! It also helps meeting a lovely local who offers assistance!

Some of the gang!Panama City was a top start to the Central America portion of my travels. The hostel was full of people who had just completed travelling down from Mexico and the like. As such you simply get the old guide book and a pen out and over a beer or three get the new friends you have just meet More of the gangto tell you all about the must sees and don't sees!

Panama City its self has a number of sights to see including the Ruins of Panama ViejoSome of the Ruins and the old city. That said, my suggestion is not to may the entry fee to the small section of the park and just enjoy the free ruins as they are much bigger and just a good. Then again in the paid part of the sight you Just a bit of Rubbish!can see all the lovely rubbish that washes ashore! For a video view of the city, click here.

But in the end the main reason head to Panama City for mine is to visit The Canal! Together with about half of the Hostel Voyager, I headed to the Miraflores Locks to check it out. As per my last update, click here to see an time lapsed flash movie of the big ships I got to see heading in the direction of the Atlantic. All I can Panama City Sky Linesay is WOW and next time I am back here I WILL navigate the lock on a boat!

Geroge W.s Digs!I ended up spending nearly a week in Panama City due to the fact good old George W. Bush was in town and the Canal and most things were under lock and key. Oh well, I got to drink lots of beer with some FAB guys and gals. Hope all is going well guys!

A PhotoFrom Panama City together again with lots of guys form the Voyager I headed to the Island of Bocas Del Toro just next to the Costa Rica border on the Atlantic side. Here is spent Team Canada another 5 days all up from drunken memory. Staying at the Mundo Taitu run by the boys, I was held captive my my pom mate's Al and Anna and forced to participate in the first annual Bocas del Toro Olympics. The Olympics were made up of three teams including team Canada, Australia/U.S.A. and Europe. Team Canada won the night "officially", but there was a question hanging over the end result as their sprinter in the solo skull Team Canada member, Bond on his chunder!did not keep it down. Click on this photo to hear the post race interview with Bond himself. Click here to see the Team Canada babes in action!Smile - You never know who's watching!

Any way, Bocas offered a good time in the pub and at the beach. Thanks for helping make it so awesome gang! See ya all for drink some time soon!

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