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Dear Diary:

7th August 2006  -  Oh Canada!

Oh Canada! What can I sayÖ I love the place!

I spent the first 5 months My mate Albertof 2006 here and as usual I had a blast! I can honestly say that of all the places I have visited, Canada has always been a stand out. Yea the mountains Mrs Babuin always has a smileand lakes are fantastic, but for me itís all about the amazing hospitality this country offers up. Take my old mate Albert and his lovely parents as a classic example of Canadian hospitality. Wether it be a good old fashioned home cooked meal and an awesome birthday cake, or just a loan of a car for the day. If you need help, help is there. To the Babuinís in particular, I like to offer a particular big vote of thanks. And Albert! Look out when you get here for New Years mate!

It was fantastic to see so many old mates (ok, most of you Mel and Greg are younger than I, but whoís counting!). To Mel, Greg and Dex, Marneethanks for going out of your way and forcing so many chicken wings into my hand at the Shady Tree. Oh and ta *HEAPS* for giving me a tour of parts of Vancouver that Iíve never seen until now. To Marnee and the rest of the Squamish gang, its was great to party with you and I look forward to seeing you again some time soon.

Of course, when I talk of Canada, I donít just mean the West Kathryn, Ryan and Big BenCoast. Ontario was a blast too. It was fantastic to see Kathryn, Ryan and the little guy in Peterbrough and to enjoy skating down the sidewalk when the frozen rain came. I hope the summer has got the side walks into walkable state for you! Smile - You never know who's watching!

Ali and MicToronto too offered up some top memories when I caught up with my old London drinking mate Mic and finally got to meet his lovely other half Ali. I hope all goes well and you never know when next we shall all have drinks guys!

To Dave and Don, Don and DaveI hope the new place is going well. Thanks for a top visit and good luck with the Ice fishing next season. With any luck it will be a cold winter here and I can go ice skating on frozen canals. If I break through the ice because of to much good living, Iíll try and grab a few fish on the way to the shore.The YOUGE Kutzan Family

Continuing with the amazing hospitality theme, if ever you get the chance to experience the people of the Prairies and Manitoba, you just must! To the YOUGE family in Winnipeg, stay cool and Iíll see you next year for the 2007 New York marathon!

Whistler 55Miss ya guys!Any way, no visit to Canada is complete for me with out a return to Whistler and the Canadian mountains. This visit I finally managed to check out the Rockies including Lake Louise. I was lucky in so far as it was blue skies, but when itís -30 degrees Celsius, it can be a struggle! To all of the gang I got to see once again, I hope you are enjoying a roasting summer on the hill. Rest assured that the snow will return soon, as will I!

Lake Louise On Top of Whistler On Top of The Chief On Top of Cypress Mtn Stanley Park, Vancouver Vancouver in the Fall Meesh and I in Van Nic, Lisa and Alb Smile why dont ya! Van in the distance Canada Olympic Park - Calgary Canada by night Hockey night in Winnipeg Cross country skiing in Barrie Drinks in Toronto Ice Fishing Nice smile young lady! Peterbrough Drinks in Peterbrough Lake Louise Milo in action! Canada Olympic Park - Calgary Smile! The Brandon's at Silver Star Ski Resort Shelley and Lisa in Squamish On the water in Howe Sound near Squamish Squamish in the snow Me and Naomi in Squamish Jonnie, Alb and I at the Griz in Squamish Sun Rise in Lake Louise

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