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Dear Diary:

2nd February 2007  -  Life in Amsterdam!

Now that I've had my first bike stolen and am an official Amsterdamer, its been great to have had lots of The Girls ready for the startmates visit. It's a fantastic city to discover - just ensure that the chains for your bike are worth more than the actual bike its self!Smile - You never know who's watching!

First my old flat mate Andrew popped over for a pint, then Beata from Munich and her mate Gabi ran into town for the WARR - The World Airline Race! Each year one of the major airlines hosts the event in its home city and a couple thousand staff members from the airlines of the world all jet in to compete in a 10km or a 5km road race. In Beata's case, she ran both events Finland comes to town...and managed two blistering times! She even manged to finish 92nd in both events! Well done!

Other weekend visits included the Lisa and the U.K. girls and a friendly invasion from Finland. It was fantastic to have so The Girlsmany visits guys and I look forward to heaps more in 2007! So let me know if your thinking about heading over in this direction and I'm sure we can squeeze in some sight seeing and beers.

So whats life in Amsterdam been like? Well there is always something going on. Take for example Museum night. Once a year A Night at the Museumin November the museum's of Amsterdam, about 40 from memory, close normally at 5pm and then reopen at 6:30pm till 2am! Some places show movies and most sell beer! Yep, you can wander the Van Gogh museum with a cold Heineken taking in the Sun Flowers and the likes. Click here for a quick movie taken in the Van Gogh museam.

Of course it's not just about the night life here. By day the city and its canals just looks fantastic! Previous city's I've lived in On teh Amsterdam Canalssuch as London and New York are fantastic, but Amsterdam is just that much smaller and relaxed. There is always something happening on the water, click here for some video action of the boats on the canals or click hereMade It!  All 16km! for the canal boat view of the city.

Unfortunately I have lost much of the fitness I had this time last year, but I still managed to finish one of the biggest fun runs on the Amsterdam Calender - The Dam to Dam Loop 2006. It's a fun run that's 16km (10 miles) from Amsterdam Central Station to the centre of the village/town of Zaandam to the north. Now if you wanted to look up my time online, you will not be able to. Why? Well, I did not have an entry a few days before the run until my good friend Tip decided to pull out. So you will need to look up one Mrs Moore to fine me! I think it took a touch under 90min to complete the run and with bands and spectators lining just about all the route, it was a top day out. Click here to see the start of the race video and click here to see me crossing the finish line!

I did hope to do the Amsterdam Marathon last year, but if nothing else came from completing Amsterdam Marathon Runnersthe Dam to Dam, I knew I had let my fitness slip a tad to much to be able to complete a full 42km run. In stead I headed down to the Vondel Park on the day to cheer the runners on. Click here to Happy Birthday Z&Echeck the video out.

Other Amsterdam visits and events of note include Zuzana and Engelbert's birthday, my old mate Stacey hitting town for a few beers.

If your interested to see the office where I am now working, click here for a video from the original office I started in and then click here for the view from the new Amsterdam office. Its a good location to be working in and the crew I'm with are tops too. Click here to You can get it all here!see the Office Christmas dinner video.

Any way, to sum up, except for the rather damp winter, things have been going very well. I've met tons and tons of lovely new mates and look forward to meeting lots more in 2007!

Smile - You never know who's watching!

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