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Dear Diary:

2nd February 2007  -  Dublin Dublin Dublin

Aaaaarrrrr Dublin. It's just like many other cities I've visited over the past 11 years. Dublin - The Temple BarMy dad suggested that having an Irish surname such as mine would ensure an easy time here. You can imagine my surprise when on my first day of a month long work assignment in Dublin I was asked to spell my surname! Judging by the welcome message Ms OConnor??on the TV screen in my hotel room, Ireland was out to give me a major identity crisis!

I spent 4 weeks in total on a project here. I'd get up early in Amsterdam on a Monday and fly out to Dublin for the week and My first ever flight cancelled!then return late on a Friday evening. At least that is when the flights are running. As you can see in the photo to the left, my first ever work flight (to Zurich) was actually cancelled! Luck of the Irish hey?

Any way, work in Dublin was good I guess, but the city is much more fun when it's the weekend, the Rugby's on and mates are in town! About 10 of us or so jetted in for the weekend where Australia played Ireland. It was to be the second last All the gang ready for the rugby!game at Lansdown Road before it was redeveloped, so I'm glad I got to be there.

As Big Daddy put it, the Irish Sun Shine - in the form of Lansdown Roadp$ssing rain - made the difference and all the Paddies were very happy with the Irish victory. Click here to see Lansdown Road as it once was - and the every so lovely Irish Sun Shine!

Of course some would argue that in rugby its more important what you do off the field. That can only mean one thing ... The Pub! Yep, the old atmosphere in an Irish Pub when the Rugby is in town is Tops! None of this Soccer nonsense of fan segregation. Its just come one, come all and enjoy! Thanks to Kir for organising the tickets and to all the gang for ensuring a top weekend was had!

Kir and Dave! Smile why dont ya!Ireland's tops! To be sure to be sure!Smile - You never know who's watching!

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