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Dear Diary:

2nd February 2007  -  Christmas and New Years in Europe...

Happy New Year to all!

Christmas and New Years just past were top fun! I ducked over Christmas Eve 2006to London to say G'Day to my Aunt & Uncle in London just prior to Yum!Christmas eve and then on Christmas eve it was back to Amsterdam for a mega Christmas Dinner my Flat mate Stef did up for a bunch of us. Top food mate! Yum/Ta!

I spent Christmas day taking it easy with my old mates Mike and Tip in Amsterdam and then come the 26th and Boxing Day I was Me and my Mercoff in a Rental Mercedes Benz to the Alps to meet up with my old school mates Kir and Stacey and bunch of other top party gowers in the Austrian ski village of St Anton! It took about 9 hrs to do the 950km trip. What can I say other Not much snow here!than German Auto barns rock!

Some of teh guys on the mountainI'm guessing most of you will have caught a new story some where about the abnormally warm winter that Europe is having. Well based on my few days in the Alps of Austria, the stories are spot on! Click here to see a video I took on the chair lift in St Anton. The mountain you see in the background with all the rocks on it, The view from up top at St Antondoes have a few lifts on it and should be completely white!

Not to say it was all doom and gloom. If you go high Party Hard!enough there is snow to be found as you can see in this video.

Any way, the photos on the mountain were one thing, but no ski holiday is complete unless you stay out to 4am every night. Check out some of the night time action photos here.

Smile!We were lucky to have Sarah in our group do up some cartoons of some of the gang. Top stuff babe! Check out all of the cartoons here. Thanks for the top time kids!

Just about to go into Germany from AustriaAfter three nights of parting in St Anton with the gang, I headed out of town and through the Alps to the Town/City of Kempten in Germany to catch up with my old mate Miri who I met in KemptenVenezuela as you do! While in town I had my first ever Bavarian Sauna/hot tub experience. Yep, it was me and 38 naked Germans! It's very strange to have a normal Miri and Iconversation with some one while the both of you are starkers. I can highly recommend it!

From Kempten it was back to Amsterdam on the Auto barns. I had the company of Miri's man Ingle for most of the trip and even picked on another passenger in the form of my old mate Wendy who decided to join me in Amsterdam for New Years.

New Years Amsterdam style!

This is something you just have to see for your self! I Fireworks everywhere!celebrated at Mike and Tips place Happy New Year!with Zuzana, Graham and Wendy and had a top night. So whats so special or perhaps different about New Years in Amsterdam? Well in most cities there are big organised firework displays. In fact in Australia for the most part I think fireworks are illegal! Not in Amsterdam...

You see, in Amsterdam, every Man, his dog and grasshopper sets Happy New Year!off private fireworks! My mate Ernst decided not to join us on the night because the only way he could get to Amsterdam was by car. He said it was likely his car would not be very safe in Amsterdam and I now know what he meant! On every street throughout the city and I pressure thought the country, fireworks go up big time!

We were on the roof on Mike and Tips place and as you can see from my photos, you need to keep an eye out so your not hit. The two videos I have online, video-1/video-2 only give you a basic Idea, but believe me its tops and something to be seen if ever you get the chance - just keep your head down!

Happy New Year! I hope you have a fantastic 2007 and with any luck we will meet again soon!

Happy New Year!Drew xoxoxoSmile - You never know who's watching!

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