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Dear Diary:

9th September 2005  -  Rio - A starting point.

I decided long ago that my first stop on main land South America would be Rio De Janeiro to kick backSome of the Rio Gang and relax. What can I say, Rio did not disappoint. With in hours of my arrival I had met a wonderful new bunch of guys and gals with whom I spent the next 6 days discovering Rio and getting my South American trip of the the best possible start.

Thanks Ricardo dude!So what is there is do in Rios winter when Carnival is a distant memory? Well when you have your very own local room mate/guide in the form or Ricardo, you can alwayshead out 10 pin bowling on a wet drab day in Rio! Thanks mate!

The Frendly Mellow Yellow StaffOf course staying at one of the newest hostels in town that is packed to the rafters through simply word of mouth, rather than being listed in the "Lying Planet" is always a good sign! Oh and the staff are verty frendly too!

Activities on offer included a sun set tour of Christ the Redeemer, The boy at Lapathe Lapa Street Party till 5am, a soccer game Brazil style with Riot included (But no tear gas so I felt short changed!) A Photoand any number of nights at local night clubs. All of these preceded with a few refreshing beers at the Mellow Yellow Bar. Of course I stayed in and just surfed the free Internet and played solitaire! :-)

All in all, Rio gave me just the start that I was looking for in South America. To all of the gang Ive met, I hope your travels continue to be fantastic and I hope to see you for a drink some time soon.

Party hard Campers!
Hugs and Kisses
Drew xoxox

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