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Dear Diary:

25th July 2007  -  Let's hit the road and Colditz!

Soon after finishing work in Amsterdam, I quickly popped over to the U.K. to Me and my cousin Samie in Londonsay G'Day to frends and family and to post my Snow Ernst says goodbye to the old girlBoard back to Australia. I then returned to The Hague in Holland where I bought would would effectily become my home for the next 3 months, my mate Ernsts 1994 VW Golf - He prommissed me it had only ever been driven on Sundays to church by a little of lady.

You can still spot the Former Easter German BorderSo then it was time to hit the road! in the direction of my first planned stop, Colditz Castle in the East of Germany. Along the way, you still do know that you entering the former GDR (German Democratic Republic) as you can clearly spot the guard towers from the Autobarn!

Colditz Castle.So what is Colditz Castle? Well, its a centuries old castle in the Saxony region of Germany. Why visit such a place? Well, many years ago I watched a documentary about a bunch of Alied World War II prisoners imporsoned in the This is where the Glider was to be launched fromThe Only photo of the Colditz GliderCastle, who had attempted to escape by secretly building a glider in the attick of the Castle! How can you pass up checking out a peice of history like that!

Perhaps the coolest draw card, it the fact that the castle its The HOME Run Results for escapesself is now a brand spanking new YHA Hostel will all the mod cons! For further reading, I can suggest you click here to read the Wikipedia entry.

Click here to see me escape from Colditz!

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