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Dear Diary:

5th August 2007  -  Getting across Romaina and Hungary in a sick car

From Moldova, I decided to drive to the middle of Romania and the town of Sighişoara where the ledged of Dracula was born. My arrival into Romania was uneventful and driving these parts was like going back in time as the roads were full of beast of burden pulling carts of all descriptions.

Sadly I was not destined to make it to the home of Dracula. Approximately 400km from my last repair just near a wonderful lake in Romania, the ignition lights can on once again on a windy part of the road and the car died just as it had done in the Ukraine and Transnistria/Moldova. I think I have a video of my exact thoughts at the time, but it’s not publishable on this “G” rated site if you know what I mean!

Having watched the going’s on at the last two repair jobs, I had a bit of a bash at the root of all this evil, the main Fuel pump. Low and behold I got the bloody thing started! So off I headed once again. I think I got another 10km or so and the familiar site of the bright red ignition lights can on once again. I had another bash at the pump and the old girl fired into life yet again!

So after a quick call to Holland to get some urgently needed phone credit, I made a judgment call and contacted my mate Beata in Munich (about 1000km away) asking that if I could make it there, would be ok for me to crash at her place for a few days while German mechanics sorted out the old girl once and for all. With out a second thought she said come stay for as long as you like so off to Munich I headed.

So have any of you ever driven across 4 countries in 10-15km stretches? I can now say I have. The old fuel pump would last about 10min of running time before snuffing out and if you gave the pump a bash it would go again and that’s how I drove 1000km across Romania, Hungry and Austria to get to Munich! It took about 2 days all up and I finally arrived at about 3am.

All was not lost on the drive in the end however. As I approached Budapest, I realised that the Hungarian Formula One Gran Prix was on, so I decided to salvage something from the last few days and take a break to watch some very fast working cars! Having been a life long F1 fan, it was fantastic to see these beasts in action at long last.

Any way, I would like to extend a mega vote of thanks to my mate Beata who as usual took me in, arranged for her local mechanic to sort out the car and happily took me out on the town. You rock!

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