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Dear Diary:

28th August 2007  -  San Marino, Italy and Monaco

As modern and fantastic as Slovenia is, it was still a notable occasion when I crossed the border back into Italy as this meant I was truly back in the West! Annoyingly I could not get a stamp at the border to mark the occasion, but I guess thatís a good thing.

I headed the 300km or so down to San Marino. This tiny little place is quite nice to check out. I arrived well into the evening, but as luck would have it I found a store that had a full sized national flag for sale. So I then wandered the city talking it all in.

After an evening in the car atop San Marino, I got a few more snaps and then hit the road to another small Principality in the form of Monaco. When I was about half way across Italy, I realised that I would be passing with in about 15km of the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Now you canít turn down that opportunity!

Now many people have told me over the years that there is very little in Pisa except for the Tower and the immediate surrounding grounds. Perhaps thatís true, but either way the tower is cool! These days you can even go to the top! Sadly the wait was in the 4 hour zone and I was keen to hit the road to Monaco so off I headed 95% satisfied.

Just a few comments on the drive through ItalyÖ Yes there are lots of Ferrari's! I made it my job to get into the fast lane and then clean my windows when they were behind me. Itís amazing how well their brakes work about then!

The other thing Iíll mention is the blood Toll Roads! I think I used about 20 Euro of petrol getting from Pisa to the French Border. The total of the tolls was 27 Euros!!! Ouch! Click here to get y thoughts on my last Italian tollÖ.

My first view of Monaco was fantastic. Its just as I had imagined. Iíll never be a multi-millionaire, but itís good when something does measure up with your initial expiations.

I headed down town and parked. IT did not take to long to locate the national flag in the old town, so I wandered all overÖ Oh my how the other half must live! At least we get to see the nice gardens I guess.

But no visit to Monaco can be considered complete for a Formula One fan such as my self unless you have attempted to drive the circuit! To my surprise, you can just about drive the complete thing! Click here to see the video of my lap!

Having satisfied my need for speed, my nest stop was North to the lovely French Ski resort of Chamonix to prepare for the Rugby World Cup!

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