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Dear Diary:

1st September 2007  -  Chamonix, France

Having spent a good couple of months in the East and any number of nights sleeping in the car, I decided I needed a good relax. I did this in a place I have visited a number of time before, Chamonix in France. I even stayed at my usual place, the Gite Le Vagabond.

While I was in town met lots of new and cool people and hit the hills to hike off a few beers. This was also the first time I was in town during the summer. So it was fascinating to see the whole place green and to be walking on ski runs I have been down many times before.

Click here to see the video of the valley.

Perhaps the highlight for my visit was going Paragliding! Now for some one who does not like heights must, I can say I had a fantastic experience! Ok, a few months later when some one pointed out that it was about 10kg of fabric holding out two fully grown men kinda made me think, but I think I can say with confidence that Id do it again.

Click here to see the video of my flight its all taken by me sitting in the harness!

Having had a fab rest in Chamonix, I decided to quickly head over the border for a couple of days to the ski town of Zermatt, Switzerland. You can actually hike from Chamonix to Zermatt and one day I hope to do just that, but this time I spent a few hours driving there.

Now you cant actually drive to Zermatt as its a place where the pedestrians rule the roost and the only vehicles you see are little electrical ones. So when you get to the end of a valley/road, you have to take a train to this lovely mountain hideaway.

A number of people I spoke to said they had come here numerous times and this was the first they had seen the Matterhorn under a blue sky! So I guess I was lucky. Its a fantastic view from the top and you can easily make out Mont Blanc and where Chamonix is.

Click here for the view from the highest ski lift in Europe.

All in all, my visit back to the Alps was just what I needed, but it was time for my next stop and the Rugby World Cup!!!

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