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Dear Diary:

9th September 2005  -  Venezuela - Why am I here?

My original plan for South America never included Venezuela, but from day one way back The Local Cop shop - Bloody uslesson Easter Island, I was told it was a must see! So on a on a whim I did my first overnight bus ride for some years north out of the Amazon and I found myself in the Southern Venezuelan town of Santa Elena du Uairen. The photo here is of the Police station. Rest assured that nothing ever happens here!

Hi gals!Straight from the outset I met more lovely people starting with my very own Interpreter from Switzerland, Susanne! Id just like to take the opportunity to say a very very big thanks to Susanne for all of her help and good cheer while I was in town. She was a HUGE help in attempting to help get a police report for a bit of cash that went walkies. Thanks babe, your the best!

Checking out the Gran SabanaGran Sabana Water FallHaving never planned to go north, I ended up spending nearly a month checking things out. My first port of call was the Gran Sabana with its 1000s of small waterfalls and sweeping plains in a cab with Susanne, Greg and Diana. I believe that some of the first Jurassic Park movies was shot here and some how I can imagine a T-Rex fitting right in!

A First ViewThe next move was to do a 6 day/5 night hike up Mt Roraima. At 2700m the worlds tallest Tepuis (Table top mountain) where about 80% of the plant life on the top can be found no where else on the world!

All the gangI know Ill sound like a broken record by the time I finish this trip, but yet again doing the trek with a bunch of fantastic people made the trip for me. As you will see, I have lots and lots of photos of the trek as testament to just how much fun it was. Guys, where ever you are, thanks for helping make it so fantastic. Enjoy the photos and let me know if you want big copies of any.

The boysA PhotoAny way, it was a hard climb and my poor little knees were at breaking point going down, but at least I did not step on the snake our guide Terry found on the way down. Also, Im not sure if the ground of English kids going up the hill was we were descending believed Susanne that the shop at the top was running low on Coke though.

A PhotoA PhotoAfter a few days of recovery, Susanne and I headed north to the beach to meet Josh and Gavin near Mochima. Unfortunately I think we got to within 5km of each other, but a lack of Internet prevented a link up. Sorry guys! As you can see the Venezuelan coast was hell on earth where I was! :-) The day on the beach was lovely and seeing Dolphins swim in the wake of out boat was FAB!

The CapitalAfter the beach I headed to Caracas to collect my Venezuelan Fag and said goodbye to Susanne. Caracas is not as bad as it sounds, but I was glad to get the bus to Ciudad Bolivar and launch myself in order to launch myself to Angel Falls.

Getting closerThe Guys at the fallsIf ever you get the chance, snap up the opportunely to see the falls! There are a number of small AVI movies of the falls on this site for you to check out and heaps of photos that will give you a good idea of what I could see, but believe me seeing it in person is something else! Awesome!

Check out the price!!Any way, I departed Venezuela with some very good memories. OH, as a final note, click on this picture. See if you can figure out how much petrol is in Venezuela. To help, one American dollar gets you about 2,200 Venezuela Bolivares and a average beer in Venezuela cost 1000 Venezuela Bolivares.

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